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Do you have a 401(k) retirement account? Are you vested yet? Ahead of you move on to your next job, it is analytical for you to find out if you are fully vested in your retirement balance ahead of you make the move. If you are not, you could lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars in employer contributions.

Vesting refers cleanly to the non-forfeitable percentage of your account's assets. In other words, doesn't matter what you add to your 401(k) plan is constantly yours to keep plus any rollover money.

If your employer contributes to your plan, a vesting schedule for the employer's donation is part of the plan. This schedule ties in a non-forfeitable percentage to the employer's input for each year of benefit until you are fully vested - 100% - in the employer contribution.

Vesting schedules vary with the employer. A example schedule could add in you being fully vested after three years of service. After year one the schedule may have you one third vested; after year two you could be two thirds invested; after all upon your third anniversary you would have full privilege to your employer's contributions, thus you would be 100% vested.

In all cases, upon goodbye a ballet company your gift and any rollover funds are yours to keep. However, depending on your employer's vesting schedule only a percentage of the funds contributed by your employer may essentially be yours to keep. If you leave ahead of you are fully vested, you stand to lose a big quantity of money. Thus, it behooves you to determine whether the fiscal remuneration of the new job outweigh any capability loss of employer assistance to your 401(k) account.

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